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Strategic Breakthrough Session

Strategic Breakthrough Session

The Strategy Breakthrough Session guides you through existing factors plaguing your business.
It helps you discover your sticking points in the business.

You determine whether or not your company is structured to undertake internal disruption.

You also identify from a brief set of questions whether or not you are ready to lead your company through the initial disruption stage.
The session is divided into three core segments designed around what you share about your business during our discussion.
Some discussions uncover Information Technology professionals as the primary challenge to solve.

Other discussions uncover sales and marketing as the focus. Another area revealed in discover sessions are customer service and human resources.
Whatever your discovery session reveals we design a three tiered solution to that one area of challenge.

If and when alignment is achieved we create the framework for your delivery.
Our teams estimate delivery due dates which are then committed to with a schedule so that both teams know how the project is tracking as on-time or ahead of schedule.

You progress report facilitates your looping into the process. This high level overview of the initial phase provides a roadmap of what you can expect.
The outcome of your Strategy Breakthrough Session is a game plan, a roadmap that addresses your initial stage challenge.

As an example, pre-determined segments may take the form of a laser focused workshop. There are professional productivity assessments.
You can experience a project planning or stakeholder interview. You want an expeditious process that does not compromise quality or time.

These are only samples of possible sixty plus definitions of what our project with you will look like but not limited to what is defined here.
What will be defined is a direct outcome of your initial Triage Quality Session which you will learn about in a moment.
This stage of our engagement with you concludes with a strategic leadership debrief where we share with you our assessment, observations, insights and our recommendations for your path toward execution.

Our work delivers tangible, actionable and measurable results for you in your business.
We customize our process to deliver your results in a value portfolio.
We eliminate the dreaded hourly billing process which hurts business.
We want your satisfaction with the results.
You can explore this process in greater detail.

Schedule time to talk with a short Triage Quality Session.

What is a Triage Quality Session?

The Triage is a qualifying process determining your fitness for the mental rigor required for your success.
In this fast paced, high performance call you will be asked a series of short questions designed to take eight minutes total of your time.
Your answers will be short and precise.

If you are not a fit for our program I will recommend you to someone in my network who can help you.
If you are a fit for our program we will review your next steps.

Are you ready to start now? Schedule your fifteen minute Triage Quality Session at

This offer ends in 30 days from the date of your download the Proximity to Disruption Innovated Insight Report.

Thank you,

Triage Quality Session Team
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