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Our Advisors

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Our Advisors

DianeAskwythIn the field of  Insurance and Risk, Diane Askwyth is the expert’s expert.  Since 1988, Diane as guided a variety of high profile organizations and start-up through the uncertainty of risk.  Her analytic skills are unmatched when the topic of business owner stability is under review. Her professional portfolio includes Corroon & Black, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Marsh, Avaya, Merck, Schering Plough, her own independent consultant firm and Cesars.

Diane’s specialties include: Merger and acquisition due diligence,  Merger integration, Captives, Long Tail Casualty, Management Liability, Enterprise Risk Management, Supply Chain Risk Management, Alternative Risk Financing.

Diane is currently responsible for Identifying, quantifying, prioritizing, mitigating risk and transferring risk in a corporate environment; Protecting corporate assets and earnings with creative risk management and insurance solutions. Diane serves as Advisor to the Business-Accelerated Company ensuring business owners are efficient, protected and well structured.  Diane earned her MBA in Executive Management from the Lubin School of Business at Pace University.


DGrabowskiDouglas R. Grabowski, Jr.  Chief Business Technologist is the founder of Ubiquitour. He has more than 15 years of experience in driving the technology direction, increasing productivity and decreasing the cost of information technology and business operations departments for global companies across all industries. Doug’s expertise in application development, infrastructure components, marketing, product development, market planning, sales, and operations are demonstrated in the 5 Things You Need to Do Now! for his clients.

Over his extensive career as a technology executive and consultant, Doug has guided numerous organizations in their technology initiatives, generating billions of dollars in revenue and cost savings. Having been on “both sides of the desk” in leading initiatives for public and private companies ranging in size from angel-funded start-ups to multi-billion dollar multi-nationals, Doug blends his business acumen with his technical abilities. He is known for his ability to quickly assess situations and create effective solutions, regardless of the challenge. He has become a trusted advisor to many business and technology leaders, helping them shape the future of their organizations and achieve a higher level of success.

As an entrepreneur, Doug took his first company from concept to creation to over $1.5MM in revenue and 20 employees within the first 18 months of operation and supervised the profitable sale of the company in December 2006.  A consummate networker and highly dedicated to his clients, Doug is also a published author, is featured in many national publications (such as PCWorld), and is a veteran speaker, having designed and facilitated talks on virtually every aspect of application development. He is an active member of numerous professional and community groups in the New England area. With regret we announce Doug’s passing December 25, 2015.


Pam2You would think that someone with so much fire and passion for life would be in the middle of a conflict, rather than helping you to manage it! Pamela affectionately refers to herself as the “Queen of Conflict Resolution!” She’s not a natural peacemaker; she’s had to learn the fine art of ‘conflict management’ the hard way. You will be riveted to your seat as Pamela raises your level of awareness about yourself and others.

If you envision Professional Facilitators and Mediators as quiet, guppy-like people, then you have not met Pamela Cournoyer. She is full of energy and will not hesitate to call it as she sees it, yet Pamela addresses conflict in ways that maintain honor and respect for all. No paint-by-number, plug and play programs here, this is real life, real people with divergent thoughts, pain thresholds, attitudes and levels of receptivity; this kind of work requires true people reading skills and nuanced compassion.

Being an honor student of life’s lessons & challenges, Pamela Cournoyer leads her company Powerful and True through demonstrating her vision of transformation. Pamela is best known for her a savvy as a catalyst for positive change for both you and your organization