A One Page, One Hour, One Plan tool can propel you ahead in business.

One Hour Business Plan

Silent Business Partner

The One Hour Business Plan

  • Do you have a good idea you can’t get funding?
  • Do you have a business you know will be successful but you can’t get an investor or a bank to see the idea?
  • Are investors and bankers telling you your business plan is not as clear as what they need to see?

Take heart! All is not lost to you. If you can roll up your sleeves you can get by without funding. Consistency will get you to your goal sooner than you think. Yet with investment, you will reach your goal sooner. Consequently, you can grow your business beyond your imagination with the right mindset and tools found in the One Hour Business Plan™.


Rather than fret, worry or despair, give yourself space to exhale and think. While you may not think so, you do have something of value to offer the market. Trust me. You really have something to offer.

First of all, take stock of all the money you have already invested in yourself. As a result of everything, you have spent in time, invested money in your learning, you are now confident you have everything you need except one critical piece.

That critical piece is a partner.

  • You will learn about who your partner is as you learn why you have what it takes to be a success with the right business plan partner in your business.
  • You want to realize you can learn a new system that will serve you in your business. In addition, it does not matter where you have little resources or zero resources you can dramatically change where your business is today.
  • You want your focus and determination to help your business grow.  Therefore when you commit to becoming comfortable with your numbers you can have a thriving business in a very short time.

Make sure you have a calculator, a spreadsheet, several pencils and a pad of paper.  Realize you need these tools to make sure you can transfer the right data into the system.