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What Others Say…



Ellen Harris is a rockstar! She can smell a good business deal a mile away and help position her people to take advantage of it. She is vigilant, resourceful, honest and reliable. Her corporate savvy consistently strategically aligns her clients with great opportunities. I would partner up with Ellen in a heartbeat.Ellen J. Harris is the real deal.

Pamela Cournoyer, Leadership Coach | Executive Coach | Corporate Trainer


Before the Employee to Entrepreneur Transition System created by Business Accelerated (Ellen Harris), I did not have a clear consistent plan for my business. I felt overwhelmed, scattered and found myself traveling to a destination without a map to follow; I just waited around for the right clients or opportunities to manifest themselves.

Then along came Ellen Harris. By following Ellen’s clear steps outlined in her program, I effortlessly signed on 3 new clients within my first month of the 120-day program! I continue to incorporate Ellen’s invaluable advice as I grow my private practice.

Those initial conversations about session fees have become so much less painful as a result of implementing strategies Ellen has taught. During our coaching calls, Ellen instilled a confidence in me. As a result, I have almost quadrupled my hourly rate!

I resonated with Ellen’s energy right from the start. I felt her genuine essence come through authentically and knew instantly without a doubt what she offered was exactly what I needed. It feels so much more natural to me to have a mentor I feel so aligned with in this way.

Working with Ellen has completely enhanced all facets of my life both personally and professionally. And for this I feel so GRATEFUL to have found Ellen and Business Accelerated!

~Helene Butler, M.A., CCC-SLP, PLLC, Accentuate Speech, 2015


After my consultation with Ellen, my perception of my business and portfolio has changed immensely. As someone who’s main function is to resolve issues for others, it was beyond refreshing to engage in a conversation with someone who is capable of doing the same for me.

Attending the How to Reinterpret Your Business Future Teleseminar gave me insight into how I should be perceived as a Founder / CEO and how to have better client relationships (consider these things the tip of the iceberg, however). Becoming a client of the High Level Executive Entrepreneur Program was right for my business. Having the opportunity to ask myself the correct questions with a self audit and then being given presentations that I would not be able to find anywhere else in one easy to digest program is a must have experience for any company principal!

~Michael Morris, Founder, One Stop Growth, 2015


The direction Ellen provided to Bentley Group LLC marketing-communications function was extremely beneficial. She was a strong supporter of growth and development. She was also a great listener. No question was ever too small for her to take time to answer. Ellen is wonderfully well organized and can be counted on to complete tasks with integrity, efficiency and the highest quality. Ellen is also committed to building a stronger, better community especially for those with Small businesses.

~Warren Allen, Collection Agency Strategist, 2015


I began my conversation with Ellen J. Harris wanting to select the most suitable revenue model for my new service offering. I got so much more than that. Ellen talked me through her experience and findings on the subject. We discussed options. I arrived at an ideal revenue plan. And I came away with tools I can use now and for when I’m in this situation again.

~ Terry Barker, Barker&, 2015


I’ve reviewed [production videos], following the series of things to click on that you gave me yesterday, and they’re fine.  Actually, they’re more than fine.  It had been a while since I’d seen any of their content, so it was a chance to see them almost as if they were new to me, and once again I was so taken by the originality of this approach. [designed by Business-Accelerated® Company] You have managed to do what no one has ever before pulled off in the history of the Alexander Technique: presenting it in a way that makes it intelligible and engaging.  I have no idea whether any of this will help recruit any students for the practice, but I do feel we have done the Technique justice, which is in some ways more important. What you came up with was a quality result, not just more noise to add to the system.  You were true to the essence of what it means to convey ideas, and that was clearly what you presented and how you presented it.
Being exposed to the marketing approach espoused by the PACE students in their presentations made me appreciate still further how you have transcended conventional business thinking in your work in order to deal with intellectual property.  Please accept my sincere congratulations and thanks for coming up with this outstanding idea and implementing it so well.

~ Mary Padilla, Ph.D., Alexander Technique In Armonk LLC, 2014


I had been thinking about a big project and couldn’t envision how I’d make it happen on my own, when I met  Ellen J. Harris of Business-Accelerated® Company. One of the first things I noticed was her voice; calm, measured. Her questions, insightful and empathetic.  Through Business-Accelerated® Company, Ellen provided a framework for my project, one I can reuse for any other project I wish to tackle going forward. Her marketing expertise and her IT knowledge have been invaluable. I am not a technical person but Ellen taught me how to have a conversation with technical people.  As I complete smaller projects that are part of the bigger vision, Business-Accelerated® Company continues to demonstrate commitment to our work and our success through attentiveness, responsiveness and generosity of knowledge well beyond my expectations. I am now on a clear revenue path in only 90 days!  Thank you, Business-Accelerated® Company.

-Judy Garfinkel, Life & Career Coach at Move Into Change, 2014


My companies inspire and lead entrepreneurs from ideas to actions, from possibilities to profitability through education, media, and marketing. I was suffering from CFOD– Creative Flow Overflow Disorder- most people do not know this exists and have never heard about it. For those,. like me, this disorder takes over 24/7 during all waking moments and the more you allow it to exist the more it flows. The flow is like lava and it just spreads out and covers everything.

Thank God I received coaching from Ellen J. Harris’s Business-Accelerated.com. It was like when I met Susan Powder, the founder of the Stop the Insanity program.
Ellen changed the flow of my creativity from a pile spread across my bed and taking over my life to a contained collection of content. By organizing and containing what I already had, I was open and free and had the space to allow in the new content.

Within 24 hours of Ellen’s helping me to organize the flow of my business I was able to create my marketing materials and key components of my work so I could share it with the world. This was an important breakthrough and I can’t imagine if I ever would have accomplished this without Ellen’s coaching. Yes. I’m a fan and Ellen is the real deal. Thank-you Ellen for helping me accelerate my success. I’ve moved into the Success lane and my foot is on the accelerator.

Thanks to all of the consulting and coaching I have received from business-accelerated.com’s Ellen J Harris, I am on my way to mega success with my awesome digital revenue format. With gratitude!

~ Lori Wilk Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Successipes, 2014


“Four New Profitable Products” “Every “byte” of information Ellen shared with me helped me in my job search and helped me transition myself into an Independent Consultant, revamp my website and create FOUR new profitable products

~Kathy Holdaway Ventures, 2013


“I Am Earning Real Profits In My Business!” “Working with Ellen has exceeded my expectations! Her professionalism echoes in each interaction.  With creative use of her know-how, my revenue results have been better than I ever imagined.  Ellen is results-oriented and organized.  The event was fun, easy and effective. She has a large network of interested people.  Thank you, Ellen, for using your expertise to make great things happen to my bottom line.  I am earning real money in my business.”

-Arleen Bradley, CJSS, CCMC, CJLRC, Arleen Bradley Career Coaching, 2012


“Ellen is an outstanding social media professional. She goes above and beyond to share her knowledge of the industry. I enjoy business networking with Ellen and would highly recommend her to any company that is seeking an awesome team contributor.”

-Mr. Timothy Tanner, 2013


“From $60K to $1.2M in 36 Months” “Ellen is the “Ellen” in Excellence who helped me strategize, organize my thoughts, plan ahead and take action at the many crossroads along the way (to sustained revenue)..” -Claude Johnson,  Black Fives, Inc., 2010


Disclaimer: Most business owners working with Business-Accelerated Company achieve their results from their own work ethic and dedication along with our guiding the owners through the processes of business and product development that we recommend and support. We ask for testimonials from our clients when their experiences with our work result in improvement in their business and increase revenue generated.  We do not purchase endorsements, nor do we compel our clients to endorse our work. We do require business owners who work with us achieve tangible, profitable results in their businesses before we will consider inviting them to endorse our work and its value.