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Intellectual Asset Portfolio

Intellectual Asset Portfolio

What are Intellectual Assets?

 Intellectual assets in your business are:

  • When you create products, services, and systems you fill a gap. Specifically, the market is looking for something your competitors do not provide. This is part of your Intellectual Asset Portfolio.
  • Anything you create in the business is original. If you do not use out of the box products from other vendors. This will differentiate your business. Assets not found anywhere else will influence markets. They will seek you ou. They are looking for hard to find products and more.
  • Do you know what your customers say about you? Can the same be said about other providers? Conducting Live Market Testing is an ideal method.  As a result, you record what your customers say. This becomes part of your Intellectual Asset Portfolio
  • Skills are those talents that equate to know-how. Don’t overlook know-how. Specific expertise is your stamp, your signature that is on your process which is your  Intellectual asset.
  • Do you know how a system you created forms an integrated system of improvements? Visit Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s system of continuous improvements. It is the physics and geometry of your business. Consequently, this impacts your growth. This is your Intellectual Asset Portfolio.
  • When you claim your implementation and delivery methods they are unique. In other words, you enlarge your Intellectual Asset Portfolio.
  • You will discover the solutions you use eliminate market problems. In business, your solutions are an intellectual asset. In addition, any solution positioning you in the top of mind category is your intellectual asset.
  • After that, templates, checklists, manuals, guidebooks, manuals, ebooks, training materials are all your intellectual assets.
  • Similarly, logos, taglines packaged in the title of an ebook with an accompanying ISBN is a distinct member of your Intellectual Asset Portfolio.
  • Your Archive and /or Library of original content is your container. Above all, your container holds your Intellectual Asset Portfolio

Take an Intellectual Asset Inventory to uncover what you have created. What have you developed and stamped as your own within your business?  Your assets include copyrights, patents, patents pending, and trademarks.  Packaged products, signature systems, proprietary assets, trade secrets are intellectual assets.

Consider enhancing your service marks. You can create and use what you create to enhance your trademark. Many business owners create their own portfolio. Their portfolio of proprietary assets grows over time. These content assets are developed from work performed over time with the market.

The first step to harnessing these assets is to take an inventory much like taking inventory of palettes of products in a warehouse. Remember, assets created on digital storage drives are also assets. That digital storage drive is a warehouse of assets, products and codified services created throughout the life of the business.

Combine this to create and build your Intellectual Asset Portfolio.