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Executive Management Consultants: Events

By ellenjharris | Referral systems

Mar 05

Attention Career Professionals ages 40-50+ in Need of a Career Transformation and want a Career Lift 


Don’t let your next interview leave you feeling like a loser.  Kick-start your career and transform your job search to job found when you get your ticket to Breakout to an Extraordinary Career.

Do not miss this Live Free Teleseminar Event – March 20, 2013 – 1:00 PM EDT.  

Get your career back on track!

What three elements does job search and small business have in common?

  • Benefits
  • Benefits
  • Benefits

Are you communicating your unique benefits to your market audience?  In Executive Management Consulting seeking right fit candidates is challenging because we look for clear leaders.

Without knowing the benefit of inviting you to an interview as a potential candidate for a position there is no reason to contact you.  Without understanding the benefit to me of doing business with you, there is no reason to read your work or download your writing.

  • What skill and talent does business want to see in you?
  • What is the benefit to you to attend this free teleseminar to uncover the reasons why you are not receiving invitations to interview?
  • What is the benefit to a hiring manager inviting you to an interview?
  • What is unique about you over hundreds of thousands of resume that arrive in the system each day from candidates qualified or not What makes you stand out?
  • Why are you different?  What is your story?

Join Executive Management Consultant firm Business-Accelerated Company and DeAnne Pearson, Deliberate Careers, March 20, 2013 at 1:00PM EDT in an honest and straightforward discussion about what it takes for you to win in the 2013 market.  In this live teleseminar you will learn how to

  • Become deliberate in your career search
  • Stop laboring under institutionalized thinking and find your fresh perspective
  • Discover how to abandon the ordinary you and uncover the extraordinary in you
  • Define your career purpose and where you fit in a shifting economy
  • Design your clear path to a new you and your true profession

In today’s job market the challenges are not like those in the past.

Today we must know ourselves better than we ever have before.  In order to be considered a viable candidate for a position you need Star power, command power and a clear vision of who you are and what you bring to a position?  With a Deliberate Career you can

  • Take initiative and own your results
  • Know your personal value and benefits to an employer
  • Speak value to your listener
  • Exceed the need of your listener
  • Add vibrancy to your resume and look attractive on paper?

DeAnne Pearson , Deliberate Careers, will covers these topics and what it means when you take control of you, your environment and your career.

Learn more at our free teleseminar event, March 20, 2013 at 1:00 PM EDT when we interview DeAnne Pearson, Deliberate Careers.


About the Author

Ellen J Harris leads the Business-Accelerated Company. The firm is a C corporation specializing in Intellectual Property, Intellectual Capital and Intellectual Revenue Assets. Harris is a frequent guest on Blog Talk Radio, contributes to the NYU School of Entrepreneurship as a Business Consultant Coach in the $300K Entrepreneur Challenge and serves on the Advisory Board at the Lubin School of Business at Pace University. In her current portfolio, Harris leads three local U.S. Startups and one international startup launching in the second half of 2018. She serves small businesses in a variety of industries. Harris helps business owners maintain their compliance with federal requirements and most recently compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation.

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