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Business Planning Tool for single business owners

By ellenjharris | Blog

Nov 24
one hour business plan

15 Business Plan Questions And More Answered

The One Page Business Plan™ Tool

Business Plans help you define:

  • Business Planning Tool gives you 7 essential business models from which you select one then build your business toward the next business model.
  • The critical question Investors need to be answered. The question helps you focus, align your mindset about your business, and places you in a success frame of mind.
  • 4 Factors Bankers need to see in your business plan if you decide to seek bank funding. As a result, you still want to think about how you will manage and allocate the funds you have.
  • In addition, you get 3 vital strategies essential in good business plans. The Business Planning Tool helps you build a strategy and foundation of how you will drive your business forward for the future.
  • 23 Marketing Channels gives you multiple opportunities to identify and evaluate the right channel for the business you are in and the services and products you offer.
  • Marketing, Sales and Financial plans for your product(s) are essential for your overall business navigation. You must always know where your business is in relation to your finance.
  • A business plan reduces countless hours spent writing a business plan.  It reduces the number of pages you think you need when the adage, less is more, is essential to your plan.
  • Eliminates hundreds of sticky notes with your data. You will no longer need sticky pieces of paper stuck to your computer monitor. You simply pull out your page and you are ready.
  • A one page business plan helps you define and identify your target market in a clean, direct and direct way. You know who your market it and what they want to buy. Easy for you.
  • With a Business Planning Tool, you can define your product succinctly. As a result, your price points will be precise because you have all your data on one page. You will know how to correlate costs and expenses.
  • Most business owners leave cash flow management to their accountants. With the One Hour Business Plan™  you are in control of your cash flow at all times. Above all, you gain an advantage.
  • Imagine how you will feel when you can easily describe your operations plan, how your products flow through your business system and its management through the process.
  • The income Statement gives you an edge in knowing how you are spending essential cash, how you intake payments, where you allocate profit. Your income statement is a navigator.
  • Your Balance Sheet gives you precious insights into how your business performance while guiding your continuous cash flow. You eliminate surprises in your business flow.
  • The Business Planning Tool delivers clear, concise goals and strategy for you to align with as well as acting as a guidance system through the process of running a business.

As a result, the One Hour Business Plan™ is a complete step-by-step course complete with video, audio, and manual. It is truly your business partner for each day of decisions you make for your future.

Small Business Owners, Startups, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, and Freelancers experience immeasurable value with the One Hour Business Plan™.



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Ellen J Harris leads the Business-Accelerated Company. The firm is a C corporation specializing in Intellectual Property, Intellectual Capital and Intellectual Revenue Assets. Harris is a frequent guest on Blog Talk Radio, contributes to the NYU School of Entrepreneurship as a Business Consultant Coach in the $300K Entrepreneur Challenge and serves on the Advisory Board at the Lubin School of Business at Pace University. In her current portfolio, Harris leads three local U.S. Startups and one international startup launching in the second half of 2018. She serves small businesses in a variety of industries. Harris helps business owners maintain their compliance with federal requirements and most recently compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation.

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