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Ellen J HarrisBusiness-Accelerated® Company is an idea-driven c-corporation specializing in intellectual capital, intellectual revenue assets, and intellectual property. Led by Ellen J. Harris the company works with business owners of companies generating $10million in annual net revenues.

Business-Accelerated® Company was founded in 2005 with initial offerings for Hewlett-Packard’s Unified Communications unit. The company transitioned to providing Information services while developing a series of microsystems to focus on critical revenue generating work rather than busy work.

Mrs. Harris is a three-time degree holder from Pace University in New York in Computer Science, Telecommunications and Executive Management, a Marketing Master degree from the University of San Francisco. She is an Alumnus of the Chet Holmes Business Masters Series 3.0 and holds a trademark from the U.S.P.T.O. for Business-Accelerated®. She is the author and developer of Business at the Speed of You: 25 Revenue Models for small business and speaker. Her Employee to Entrepreneur Transition System is used by professionals transitioning through corporate to small business ownership.

Founding Story

In 2005, while earning her MBA, Mrs. Harris observed corporate professionals struggling to start businesses. Those who successfully started businesses were beholden to the entities facilitating their start.

“The gap, according to Mrs. Harris, “is the required managerial, implementation and execution skills that elude professionals in volatile economic environments. Our products and services separate revenue-generating tasks from administrative tasks which help owners achieve revenue results quickly”. Our core competence in Operation Management provides tools owners want that improve their efficiency and effectiveness.” Our work includes patent holders and tech startups.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build strong relationships with business owners who rely on us to listen to their concerns, hear their challenges and offer recommendations they can review and accept because it is right for their business. We strive to help strong leaders create strong businesses that can sustain themselves in all types of economic climates. A 30 year F50 corporate career provides the insights employees need to rise through the ranks and transition to entrepreneurship

Our Offers:

Our product offerings include implementation and execution services – in Done With You formats

  • How to Reinterpret Your Business Future
  • Revenue Mastery Program
  • Five Step Revenue Marketing Process Design System
  • Micro Marketing Accelerator Program
  • One Hour Business Plan
  • Small Business Case Study Program
  • Employee to Entrepreneur Transition System

Success Stories

  • Speech pathologist packages foreign language skill into a coaching program acquiring three clients at $1,000 each in 30 days
  • Career Coaching business moves from zero net revenue to $ 3,000-month income in 12 months.
  • Sports Entertainment business with $60K annual revenue reaches $10m in 36 months with a simple shift in market approach.

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