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Jan 01

Data Scientists Plus Business Experts Create Partnerships

By ellenjharris | Blog

Data Scientists

Data Scientists Plus Business Experts Create Partnership Executive Management Perspective: Data scientists can capably bridge gaps with business experts. Most Data Scientists are aware a gap exists between tangible output and business expectations. Ten years ago few non-technical professionals knew much about email, smartphones, storage devices, data centers which predate cloud computing. Professionals today are […]

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Feb 25

Executive Management Consultants – Relationship vs.Transaction

By ellenjharris | Blog , Relationship Architects

Executive management consultants transform your audience from  transactions to communities! An executive management consultant’s point of view consumers is not a transaction but a relationship. When an executive management consultant thinks about lists, the lists are assets. They are a community of relationships to nurture. Consider this series of questions we ask in our business:

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Feb 12

Today’s American Legion

By ellenjharris | Blog

Civilians answer the call of service. For what is received they answer in gratitude. That is today’s American Legion. Civilians serving American Legion Veterans give time in a variety of organizations, in multiple capacities.  Our expertise includes financial analysis, operations, global diversification. In addition, we use strategies, leadership, marketing, and business analysis.  We use six functional […]

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