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20 Minute Rule

By ellenjharris | Blog

Apr 11
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20 Minute Rule

Living a high-speed life means planning every second of your day.

As a writer how much time can you spend on copy? According to my mentor, David Newman, twenty minutes is the new normal. Start with leverage. Leverage the power of three.

Science tells us the mind holds three points of information at a time. Chunk your writing accordingly.

Here’s how:

  1. Identify three points to convey.
    In this piece we review three points of information to move you forward faster with your writing.
    This model leverages time and thought. You are up against a clock set for twenty minutes. You must write and edit as you move ahead.
  2. Write two or three sentences per point.
    In two or three sentences you convey your information precisely. You do not have all day to get something said in written form. These days the faster the better.
  3. Read aloud.
    Reading your copy out loud as you write allows you to hear what you write. Consequently, active voice is your ally. You discover that reading aloud forces you to edit as you proceed.

A side benefit of the 20 Minute Rule is shorter, precision focused copy. Your sentences are concise. You will find you get more done in a shorter time frame.

Remember the formula is simple. You write. Read aloud. Edit. Save and post. It will seem to you as if you are leaving something out of the copy. You are not. Adding order and precision to your work is a plus. You do not have all day to write. Your audience does not have all day to read your copy. Your copy at most will be three hundred words. This is more than enough to convey a core concept. Your reader wants to know the essentials. All you really need to help your readers is to write, save, post, done.



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Ellen J Harris leads the Business-Accelerated Company. The firm is a C corporation specializing in Intellectual Property, Intellectual Capital and Intellectual Revenue Assets. Harris is a frequent guest on Blog Talk Radio, contributes to the NYU School of Entrepreneurship as a Business Consultant Coach in the $300K Entrepreneur Challenge and serves on the Advisory Board at the Lubin School of Business at Pace University. In her current portfolio, Harris leads three local U.S. Startups and one international startup launching in the second half of 2018. She serves small businesses in a variety of industries. Harris helps business owners maintain their compliance with federal requirements and most recently compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation.

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