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Intellectual Capital

Intellectual capital is a portfolio of capital assets making up core components of strong, strategic businesses. Capital components include structural, social, business, technological, human, customer, and spiritual. Contrary to popular belief spiritual capital drives value executions of work with you.

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Intellectual Assets

Intellectual assets are your skills subject to quantum change. As real assets they produce real cash when properly coupled with output. Harvesting and exploiting these gems require you to look back and forward a decade. It is work requiring persistent mental rigor characterized by determined capacity.

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is highly prized assets in demand across the globe. Left unprotected people, entities and countries will take your IP without due compensation to your firm. Protection is achievable but not an easy process and your copyright is ineffective against patent trolls. Protect your hard won knowledge.

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Being exposed to the marketing approach designed by Business-Accelerated® Company made me appreciate still further how you have transcended conventional business thinking in your work in order to deal with intellectual property.  Please accept my sincere congratulations and thanks for coming up with this outstanding video idea and implementing it so well.”

What is your proximity to innovative disruption?
How do you measure your business distance from where you are to crossing your goal line? Innovative Disruption will Reinterpret Your Business Future.
Design is your bridge between an island of Innovation and a Disruptive horizon. Your process reinterprets your business future in eight functional area of your business. Implementation is a series of steps. Execution breeds chaos without precision.



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Eighty five percent of your decision is built upon research.
Ten percent is built upon your professional instinct and a trusted referral. The last five percent is up to you.

“It’s simple to seek substitutes for competence–such easy substitutes: love, charm, kindness, charity.
But there is no substitute for competence.” ~Fountainhead

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