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Business System

A business system is a must if you hope to have a business you can scale. What system do you build? How many components do you need? How complex does your business system need to be? Just like ‘less is more’, simple is better. Don’t overthink it. Don’t overdo it. Just plan it. Implement it. Execute it.

  Business System 

Marketing System

Did you know too much marketing as a system will disconnect your audience? A marketing system is a balance between digital and human behaviors. There are points in your marketing system where you must come out from behind the curtain. If you are pulling levers like a magician you defeat your purpose.

  Marketing System  

Disruptive Systems

What is a disruptive system? This is a gap filler delivering something not seen before. It fills voids in markets, business and in our personal lives. It delivers value, balance and a sense of completeness. Technology is not the enemy yet it can still fulfill its purpose through you! Are you ready for your next step?

  Disruptive Systems 

By following Ellen’s clear steps outlined in her program, I effortlessly signed on 3 new clients within my first month of the 120-day program! I continue to incorporate Business-Accelerated’s invaluable advice as I grow my private practice.

Helene Butler, M.A., CCC-SLP, PLLC

What is your proximity to innovative disruption?
How do you measure your business distance from where you are to crossing your goal line? Innovative Disruption will Reinterpret Your Business Future.
Design is your bridge between an island of Innovation and a Disruptive horizon. Your process reinterprets your business future in eight functional area of your business. Implementation is a series of steps. Execution breeds chaos without precision.

Step 1 Innovate
Step 2 Design
Step 3 Disruption

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Eighty five percent of your decision is built upon research.
Ten percent is built upon your professional instinct and a trusted referral. The last five percent is up to you.

“It’s simple to seek substitutes for competence–such easy substitutes: love, charm, kindness, charity.
But there is no substitute for competence.” ~Fountainhead

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