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 Do You Overlook Opportunities in Front of You?


Insider Secrets in Business-Development

Intellectual Capital

Intellectual capital is a portfolio of capital assets. IC comprises core components of strong, strategic businesses. Capital elements include structural, social, business, technological, human, and customer interests.  For instance, Intellectual Capital is the value driver clients have when working with you.

  Capital Assets 

Intellectual Assets

Intellectual assets are your skills. They create quantum change. Your asset skills produce real revenue. Connected to quality output is results based.. When you harvest and exploit your gems you gain perspective for a decade. It is work that requires persistence and mental rigor. It is characterized by determination and capacity.

Assets as Data

Business Planning

Is your idea good but you can’t get funding? Do you have a business you know will be successful but you can’t find an investor or a bank to see the idea? Are investors and bankers telling you your business plan is not as clear as what they need to see?  However, you can roll up your sleeves you can reach your goal.

  Simple Business Plan 

Being exposed to the marketing designed by Business-Accelerated Company made me appreciate how you have transcended conventional business thinking to deal with intellectual property. Thanks for this outstanding video idea and implementing it so well.

Mary Padilla, Ph.D., Alexander Technique in Armonk LLC

What is proximity to innovative disruptionIt’s the distance between you and the goal line.
It is the transformation of human and business mindsets from a binary economy toward information and digital ages.

You discover the value in microsystems which accelerate change.

Done well you are one or two steps ahead of disrupters claiming ownership of your domain.

Your advantage is simple. It is your impact on those you serve. The results you deliver for those want to  change direction. In other words, it is your clients who want to be heard. They want respect and to feel appreciated. Do you have their best interest in mind? It is our Fiduciary responsibility to have their well being in mind that brings joy and tangible success.

Past Clients Share Their Experiences and…Results!

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Proximity to Innovative Disruption
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Listen in…

Eighty five percent of your decision is built upon research.
Ten percent is built upon your professional instinct and a trusted referral. The last five percent is up to you.

“It’s simple to seek substitutes for competence–such easy substitutes: love, charm, kindness, charity.
But there is no substitute for competence.” ~Fountainhead

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