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By ellenjharris | Referral systems

Jul 10

Is The Headline Real?

Before you learn the how and why of the head line, here’s a micro-quick update for you.

You know without my saying it how difficult it can be to create and sustain one revenue stream over time.  Adding a second revenue stream can be daunting.

You are the catalyst for a discovery in the market.  There is a gap right now that measures a $156 billion industry with a revenue potential of 1% of total annual revenue for individuals with the right business structure to capture the momentum.

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Introducing Free eCourses.  These eCourses are excerpts from original content that has been created since 2006.

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July 17, 2013 at 8:00PM: How to Achieve Revenue Mastery for Maximum Performance in Your Business.

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Summer SPECIAL for new members only

Starting out in business is a lonely proposition.  It is challenging to have an idea that inspires you and at the same time causes you to doubt.  You ask yourself, is my idea really good?  Does my idea have value?

Let’s face it; you are protective of your idea because you don’t want it taken from you.

If you have a tool to help you answer 13 questions required by banks, investors, and even your family, you would become crystal clear on the future of your business dream.  You would discover for yourself, in your own home, or while on your way to work, if your idea is or can be a business.

Business-Accelerated® launches its Summer By Starlight program this month.  It is the perfect time for you and me to spend a few minutes together.  Let me give you something to get you started on a path that leads to earnings and independence.

Reserve your private 30 minute Revenue Strategy Session with me.  Spend 30 minutes and you will receive the 13 Questions Business Owners must answer to confirm whether or not an idea is a business.  I promise that you will receive a results focused strategy that will serve you well.  Register here.


Final thoughts:

You have a story to tell, expertise to share, knowledge that others need to learn from you.  You are a talented and gifted human being with a message.

You may think you are sharing and delivering your message, but maybe not as much as you perceive.  You know I only email you when it’s important.  This, [name] is important.  I would do you a grave disservice by not sharing with you what can serve you well for years to come.

So many people need you.  They need what you know.  Be good to yourself and to those who want to learn from you.  Bring your knowledge along with your heart, and they will come.


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Ellen J Harris leads the Business-Accelerated Company which specializes in Leadership, Intellectual Capital, Intellectual Revenue Assets, Intellectual Property. Ellen appears on Blog Talk Radio, Scott Golden's Power of Perception and Hugh Liddel's Sales Talk Radio. Listen in as she shares insider tips on business growth.

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