Innovative Disruption Defined

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Jan 03


Innovative Disruption Defined

Innovative disruption is a science.

It is designed to give business leaders an advantage in their industry, subsector and category.

It is a design that allows you to innovate your business, create barriers to entry for new market entrants by using feedback from your customers.

Your customers help you understand the reasons why your products and services are hired to fulfill a need they have in their lives.

Your strategy planning involves:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Data

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Let’s review something as simple as a coffee maker. Imagine you go to Target in search of a coffee maker.

You already have a coffeemaker which you have owned for years.

Now your preference has changed.  You want to have coffee on the go because you attend a class or you teach a class which takes you away from your office.

A machine that spins your beans at the push of a button is more aligned with the job you want done.

Once spun you want the water to heat quick and brew your coffee into a cup where your creamer is waiting.

You want your cup of coffee brewed in less than 2 minutes, and, you want to pick up your finished brew in a cup that is ready to travel.

You do not want to have to:

  • grind coffee
  • fill the chamber with water
  • wait five to eight minutes to complete the brewing cycle
  • pour the coffee into your travel mug
  • find the lid
  • secure it to the cup
  • dash to your car

A coffee maker that will save you time by eliminating all those intermediate steps is the goal.

You will make your preparations the night before.

The machine should deliver to you a cup of coffee ready to go when you are ready to leave.


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