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Strategy in your industry within erratic economies serves your business. Merge strategy with revenue to realize fair profit. Merge strategy with tactics to become formidable. Can you can excel?.

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Good strategy is your friend. Strategy is unique positioning sustaining you over time.  A ‘Strategic Breakthrough’ gives you competitive edge. Start with your application. Click the button below for your breakthrough.

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Marketing Technology Design is your ultimate strategic game plan. Your advantage is leadership, security and exceptional productivity. Measure your implementation with an Advanced Client Acquisition tool.

Digital Marketing

By following Ellen’s clear steps outlined in her program, I effortlessly signed on 3 new clients within my first month of the 120-day program! I continue to incorporate Business-Accelerated’s invaluable advice as I grow my private practice.

Helene Butler, M.A., CCC-SLP, PLLC


In crowded hyperactive markets you want clear next steps for growth. Strategists examine your industry, sub-sector and competitors to design your best course for optimal growth.

  • Benchmark your existing company growth while surveying your human asset gaps
  • We document, segment and adjust your intellectual capital as market advantages in alignment with your goals.
  • Work with you to designing a blueprint in harmony with your environment that your people will support


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Employee Engagement
Strategic Retention
Employee Project Control

Core Competence


Intellectual Portfolio


Strategy builds business, products, services and customer retention. Good strategy serves you well in international markets. Corporate strategy creates value when you diversify.  Business strategy excels when IP partners with Strategic Management. You create and sustain unique competitive advantage.

% of executive time spent on Strategic Planning
% of workforce without strategy knowledge
% of firms without strategy links to budgets

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High performance teams are skilled, professional and expert in serving your vision. Our team of small business owners are specialists trained in Information Technology, Marketing, Marketing Technologies and Mediation. Core competence in Executive Management Consulting is what we bring to you.  We help you navigate your business through oscillating economies. Your team benefits through our training.

Executive Management Consulting

Your project implementation, execution and system is done with you. Your results include a documented process,
with the requisite tools you require to maintain your environment beyond the completion of your project.

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You will not know what is possible for you without setting aside time to discover style, fit, and purpose.  Discover the dates and times that fit your schedule.

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Your knowledge, your business, your work is yours.
You want a vendor or service who you can trust to deliver what you expect especially
when stakes are high with little room for error.  Eighty five percent of your decision is based upon research.
Ten percent is your professional instinct and a trusted referral. The last five percent is up to you.

“It’s simple to seek substitutes for competence–such easy substitutes: love, charm, kindness, charity.
But there is no substitute for competence.” ~Fountainhead