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Executive management consultants transform your audience from  transactions to communities!

An executive management consultant’s point of view consumers is not a transaction but a relationship.

When an executive management consultant thinks about lists, the lists are assets. They are a community of relationships to nurture.

Consider this series of questions we ask in our business:

  • How well do you treat you clients, customers, and members of you list?
  • Do you enjoy a relationship with them?
  • What defines a relationship?
  • Well, you may think, my business is a virtual business.  Can I hold an open house?
  • When do you think of opportunities to be creative, innovative, and different?
  • Why have so many of your list members unsubscribed from your list in the last 30 days?
  • How well do you know the people behind those email addresses?

If you have not given these concepts much thought, it is time for you to get together with yourself or your team and have an old-fashioned brainstorm session to discover how you can be more engaging with your list.  You list is not just a collection of email addresses.

There should be real people on the other side of those addresses.  You may have asked about their birthday.  Executive coaches think about a variety of practices you can adapt to your business that build rapport with your customers. Executive management consultants will ask you questions designed to make you think:

  • Are you sharing information?
  • Do you ask your audience to participate, contribute to your business development?
  • Have you offered services and products as incentives to your the audience?
  • When was the last time you held an virtual open house?

As an experienced list builder, you may know birthdays, favorite colors, children’s first names, sports and pastimes.  Experienced list owners constantly segment their lists in order to learn more about their audience’s preferences.

So what else is there to know?  Let’s turn that question around and ask you what else is there not to know?

Think about the opportunity to ask you list to ask you a question.   In our guest interviews, we ask guests, share the question you wish I would have asked.  A variation is to ask: what question should have been asked that I missed?  Even if you asked all the right questions, guests will invariably offer something to the audience that is totally unexpected.

Questions are not just a good way to extend conversations but your listener or reader connection begins to grow beyond a transaction into a relationship with a potential to grow into a long-term association.  Think of it: a word of mouth buzz where people invite people to join your list for the rapport you develop with a member from the first day you receive an email address.

A business coach will monitor your success and guide you to the pieces your business must have in place to be successful.  What about your relationship with your audience?  Executive management consultants guide how you think about your audience in new and connected ways can build a lasting relationship, repeat business and recurring revenue.  It will not matter whether you have a list of one person or a list of 300,000 people.

Executive management consultants open up to business owners a pathway to reach unrecognized needs that they want to fulfill well before those needs become problems. Not sure how to get this done?  Our relationship architects honed their relationship expertise in human resources, customer service and alumni relations.

Whether or not you engage your list, you do not want your list to feel like a transaction.  Even if the people on your list for many years, you do not want them to feel like you take them for granted either.

There is always innovate techniques you can try that will keep your list members on your list sometimes out of sheer curiosity to stick around to see what you deliver next.

If you are serious about your business growth then you want to optimize your list relationships and lower the sense of transaction to keep your clients and customers feeling great about your business and about you as a business owner and leader.


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