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Apr 11

20 Minute Rule

By ellenjharris | Relationship Architects

#20minuterule 20 minute rule

20 Minute Rule Living a high-speed life means planning every second of your day. As a writer how much time can you spend on copy? According to my mentor, David Newman, twenty minutes is the new normal. Start with leverage. Leverage the power of three. Science tells us the mind holds three points of information […]

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Jan 01

Data Scientists Plus Business Experts Create Partnerships

By ellenjharris | Blog , Relationship Architects

Data Scientists

Data Scientists Plus Business Experts Create Partnership Executive Management Perspective: Data scientists can capably bridge gaps with business experts. Most Data Scientists are aware a gap exists between tangible output and business expectations. Ten years ago few non-technical professionals knew much about email, smartphones, storage devices, data centers which predate cloud computing. Professionals today are […]

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Feb 25

Executive Management Consultants – Relationship vs.Transaction

By ellenjharris | Blog , Relationship Architects

Executive management consultants transform your audience from  transactions to communities! An executive management consultant’s point of view consumers is not a transaction but a relationship. When an executive management consultant thinks about lists, the lists are assets. They are a community of relationships to nurture. Consider this series of questions we ask in our business:

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