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Jan 03

Innovative Disruption Science Defined

By ellenjharris | Blog

Innovative Disruption science disrupts change

Innovative disruption science provides advantage It is a design allowing you to innovate your business, create barriers to entry to new market entrants using feedback from your customers. Innovative Disruption Science used in your business help you understand the reasons why your products and services are hired to fulfill a need your customers have in […]

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Jan 01

Data Scientists Plus Business Experts Create Partnerships

By ellenjharris | Blog , Relationship Architects

Data Scientists

Data Scientists Plus Business Experts Create Partnership Executive Management Perspective: Data scientists can capably bridge gaps with business experts. Most Data Scientists are aware a gap exists between tangible output and business expectations. Ten years ago few non-technical professionals knew much about email, smartphones, storage devices, data centers which predate cloud computing. Professionals today are […]

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