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Business Strategy

What is strategy? It is a combination of planning, tactics, execution and metrics. How else does a business measure its effectiveness in implementation? Few of us begin with the obvious. You can experience how its done at

Marketing Changes Everything

Did you know you have been marketing since the cradle? Marketing is one of the few tools we own to advance us to an end goal. Next time you network with a group observe how you set your stage so that people will perceive you as someone to know. Do the unthinkable.

What's New(s)?

Don't miss our latest market offering! We launch one of our products that serves small business owners throughout their businesses with the One Hour Business Plan: One Page, One Plan, One Hour at

Ellen, thank you so much for your coaching and your insight into the business world. With your system I landed the job that I am best suited for and the prospects for my success seem to be more of a reality at this point. Through your coaching I learned how to recognize not only my own potential, but to also recognize what my company's needs are and how best to apply myself.   [Alumni-Employee to Entrepreneur Transition System]                                    ~C.R. Jenkins, CNA, New Mexico, 2013-2014

C.R. Jenkins, CNA

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