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Business Strategy

What is strategy? It is a combination of planning, tactics, execution and metrics. How else does a business measure its effectiveness in implementation? These are the pillars that add velocity to a business when marketing and core functions merge. It is a series of outcomes that result in an effective implementation resulting metrics which measure a 5% increase in customer retention or top-line growth.

Marketing Changes Everything

Did you know you have been marketing since the cradle? Marketing is one of the few tools we own to advance us to an end goal. Next time you network with a group observe how you set your stage so that people will perceive you as someone to know. Do the unthinkable.

Complimentary Introductory Call

Entrepreneurs continue developing business and products. Often times quick conversations deliver highly effective results for the entrepreneur in unusual ways. We contribute to your results in talks leading to exceptional results. Visit http://business-accelerated.com/EntrepreneursPreview or receive a complimentary introductory call at http://bit.ly/EntrepreneurPreviewCall

I began my conversation with Ellen J. Harris of Business-Accelerated® Company wanting to select the most suitable revenue model for my new service offering. I got so much more than that. Ellen talked me through her experience and findings on the subject. We discussed options. I arrived at an ideal revenue plan. And I came away with tools I can use now and for when I’m in this situation again.

Terry Barker, Principle at Barker&

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